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How long will it take?

The short answer is... It's up to you!!! The courses you need to take at New Directions depends on the credits you received in high school. These courses will be outlined in your graduation plan. Once you complete all of those courses, you are a graduate! The more time spent on coursework, the faster your diploma can be achieved. 

When can I enroll?

You are able to inquire about enrollment at any time by clicking the banner on our home page – “Would you like to enroll?” We have four enrollment periods during the school year, with start dates in August, November, January, and April. 

I was deactivated from OdysseyWare for not meeting the course completion requirements... can I re-enroll?

You are enrolled through the end of the school year, so no re-enrolling necessary.  However, you will be charged a fee to be reactivated.  The fee si $25 for the first time, then goes up each time after. 

For how long is my enrollment active?

When a student enrolls, they are enrolling for the current school year. The school year goes from July to June. If a student self-drops or is deactivated from OdysseyWare for not meeting a deadline, they do not need to enroll again. The student needs to pay the fee to be reactivated.

Students who do not graduate during the current school year will need to re-enroll the following school year to continue with their courses. 

I've been a student before; do I have to do orientation again?

Yes! The only way to avoid doing an orientation each time you enroll at NDLA is to GRADUATE! Things change every year in education. Completing orientation will help you be successful in our program.

What are the requirements of the program?

Complete courses before deadlines, and communicate with your advisor. The NDLA Student Handbook on our FORMS tab will have more details.