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How it Works

Sponsoring School:
When you first enroll at New Directions Learning Academy, you will be asked to choose a sponsoring high school. Our sponsoring high schools include:

  • USD 341 Oskaloosa
  • USD 343 Perry-Lecompton
  • USD 345 Seaman
  • USD 372 Silver Lake
  • USD 437 Washburn Rural
  • USD 437 Washburn Rural Alternative
  • USD 450 Shawnee Heights

Most of the sponsoring high schools require you to live within their district, but there are some exceptions. 

We then request your transcript from the most recent high school that you attended. If the last high school you attended is also one of our sponsors, this process will not take very long. If the last high school you attended is NOT one of our sponsors, we will fax a transcript request to that school. We may ask that you also make a request for your transcript to expedite the process. 

Once we receive your transcript, we then send it to a counselor at your sponsoring high school for a transcript review...

Transcript Review:
A counselor at your sponsoring high school will analyze your transcript. The counselor will compare the credits you have to the requirements of the school. These requirements include a certain amount of English, social studies, math, science, and elective credits. Each school is unique in their own requirements, but a list of the Kansas Graduation Requirements and other graduation information can be found at the Kansas State Department of Education website.

Whatever requirements are not on your current transcript will determine the courses you will take with New Directions. These courses will be outlined in your graduation plan...

Graduation Plan:
The graduation plan outlines all of the courses you will need to take at New Directions Learning Academy in order to receive a diploma from your sponsoring high school. It also provides you with a projected start date for each course you need to take and your projected graduation date. 

Every graduation plan is different... some students may only need one course to meet their sponsor's requirements while others may need their entire high school education. It all depends on what credits you already have from your most recent high school. 

All of our courses are available online, and students have the option of working virtually from any device with an internet connection or at our computer labs. You can download a list of courses we offer within the 'Forms' tab. 

Once you complete all of the courses on your graduation plan, you are a graduate!!! The courses you completed will be added to your sponsoring school transcript as well as your graduation date. A completed transcript is usually available within a week of completing your last class. You will also receive your diploma at the end of the school year!

Your transcript and diploma will NOT say New Directions Learning Academy... they will be issued by your sponsoring high school. 

New Directions will host a graduation ceremony for all of our graduates at the end of the school year. It is optional, but highly recommended!!