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All of the courses offered at New Directions Learning Academy are available online, and students have the opportunity to work on their courses at the NDLA computer lab OR on a computer from any location. Tablets and cell-phones do not always support our educational software.

HOWEVER, attendance* is required to remain a student through our program:

1. Students are required to complete a full credit every quarter. Students must plan to work about 10 hours each week to meet this requirement. If you aren't able to dedicate time for working on your courses, please do not enroll. 

2. You are required to meet with your advisor at least once each quarter by appointment to discuss goals and progress.  

3.  Final exams must be proctored. Finals can be taken on-site during hours of operation, by appointment at a wifi-accessible location in Topeka, or by video call.

*attendance as defined by NDLA = time spent actively working towards receiving your high school diploma.