When is Enrollment?
Enrollment for 1st quarter has ended.  Enrollment will begin for 2nd quarter on October 13 and classes begin November 3

 Classes typically begin in August, November, January, and April. However, please keep in mind that there are three steps! You are not enrolled until you complete all steps!

How do I Enroll? 

Step 1 = Fill out an inquiry. Click the banner on our home page, where it asks “Would you like to enroll?” A valid email address and phone number are required. A link to the online orientation (see step two below) will be provided by email after you complete the inquiry. 

Step 2 = Watch your email for a link to the online orientation. The orientation will provide you information about how our program works, attendance policies, requirements, and how to access your online courses.

Step 3 = Watch your email for a link to the online enrollment form. After completing your orientation and speaking with the NDLA coordinator, you will be ready to enroll online. Once the enrollment period begins, you will receive a link to the enrollment form in your email, so keep an eye on your email! The enrollment window typically begins about three weeks before each start date. Enrollment dates for the 2017-18 school year are:

Quarter 1:  July 28 through September 15th
Quarter 2:  October 13 through November 2
Quarter 3:  January 5 through January 25
Quarter 4:  March 16 through April 12

The enrollment form will provide us with information necessary to request your records from your previous high school (if applicable), and we can determine your sponsoring high school and how many courses/credits you will need to complete in order to receive your diploma from your sponsoring high school. 

Step 4 = Start working on your classes! 

Quarter 1 = Starts August 21, 2017
Quarter 2 = Starts November 6, 2017
Quarter 3 = Starts January 29, 2018
Quarter 4 = Starts April 16, 2018


How much does it cost to enroll at NDLA? 

NDLA partners with local public school districts. Enrollment is FREE for all students. However, failure to complete courses as required can result in reactivation fees or permanent removal from our program.